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For the passed 7 years Blends has been an ever evolving masband, with pride. Everyone should be able to have a costume, everyone should be able to participate in Carnival, As ONE!


Our History

Lovers of Carnival made it all happen


When the right people come together at the right time and place, only great and beautiful things can happen. Blends is one of them.

Imagine a fusion of diverse cultures having four things in common: love for their heritage, love for music, love for carnival and love for beautiful things.


When you bring these four together you get a unique BLEND of all sorts of tastes, creativity and a very characteristic and a clear representation of the tropical carnival in the Netherlands and Europe with all its beauties and multicultural diversity. One group where these factors are at it's beating heart: Blends Carnival Group.


Blends Carnival Group was founded in 2012. The initial idea of the group was to only participate in foreign countries, but because of the high demand and success that the group has had, made the decisions to expand the participation to both Notting Hill Carnival and at it's home front in The Netherlands. Blends Carnival Group then joined the Rotterdam Summer Carnival Street Parade in 2013.


During it's participation in 2014 Blends Carnival Group awarded:

1st place - People Choice Queen Rotterdam Unlimited Zomercarnaval

1st Runner Up - Rotterdam Unlimited Zomercarnaval Queen

3rd place - Best Costume Rotterdam Unlimited Zomercarnaval Queen


Unfortunately the 2015 Zomercarnaval parade was cancelled due a severe storm hitting the city during the early hours of the morning and continuing through much of the day. This led to widespread disappointment within the band management and its participants. Despite this we were able to still continue as a section within Island Mas in the UK as apart of the Notting Hill Carnival 2015 and we have kept the same theme for 2016 Zomercarneval. This turn out to be a huge succes. With 130 masqueraders on the road Blends was amazing.


The year 2017 was a very special year for Blends. 5 years of Blends.

So many fond memories and so much we have learned and grown as an international masband. Our team is experienced and capable of delivering superb customer service to our participants. And we only aim to learn more and grow more.


We will be attending Notting Hill Carnival 2019, Rotterdam Carnival 2019 and Aruba's 65th Carnival celebration in 2019.


Our theme this year is "BLENDS2K19". A theme with which we want to celebrate "The Diversity Of Blends Carnival Group"

This will be expressed by a combination of handmade quality costumes, Caribbean sounds of Soca and a festive mind-set of all participants and volunteers of the group.



This is how Blends Carnival Group creates “The Carnival Mixture Of the World!”

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