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But we can always have more joining the family


Do you want to become a sponsor of Blends Carnival Group or are you interested in being a partner, please send us an email at info@blendscarnivalgroup.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Each participant contributes to the running costs of the band. However, in order to keep costs to the band members down and to maximise their experience Blends Carnival Group is seeking sponsorship from business and companies both small and large to be a part of delivering such a unique experience. All business contributions are welcomed and we will invite you to a meeting to discuss how each business can contribute to the band. This meeting will also include discussions on ways Blends Carnival Group can represent each sponsoring company.



As well as sponsoring Blends Carnival Group we will also wish for sponsoring companies to advertise the band within their organisation to aid with the promotion of the band.

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